Apr 17

Living the Lean Startup : slides

Another presentation I did at Fishburners. This time I tried to share some of the ways I apply the concepts taught by the Lean Startup movement inside my startup.

Mar 17

How to manage a development team in a startup: slides

Shared a few tips on how to manage a dev team, especially useful for the non technical founders who have no dev project management experience.

Feb 17

Outsourcing for startups: slides

I presented at the coworking space Fishburners about outsourcing for startups. It is a good way for me to introduce myself to the community here in Sydney, and I got to improve my presentation skills 🙂

Sep 15

How to publish a open source nuget package

I have a piece of code that enables ELMAH SQlErrorLog to pull the connection string from the app settings. I needed that in order to make use of AppHarbor’s configuration variables.

In this article, I am going to document the process I went through to open source the code, and package it in a nuget package.

Create a new repository on GitHub


Make sure to tick the “Initialize this repository with a README”.

If your project is a .NET project, you can choose the VisualStudio .gitignore configuration.

Once your repository is created grab the url:


And execute “git clone <URL>”.

Move your project files in the new folder:



Prepare project to be published as a nuget package

First I needed to download the nuget.exe command line tool.

Then I run “nuget spec” in the folder where my .csproj file is. This generates a standard .nuspec file.

I included that file to the project and replaced the values:



Generating and publishing the package

I called “nuget pack WiseLabs.AppSettings.csproj” to generate the .nupkg file.

I called “nuget setApiKey API-Key”. (You can find your API key in your nuget.org account).

“nuget push WiseLabs.AppSettings.0.1.nupkg”

That’s it, your code is available as a package and can be installed in a project using “Install-Package WiseLabs.AppSettings”.

Pushing the code to github

At the root for the repository folder:

git add –A

git commit –am “First commit”

git push origin master

Nov 13

Bangkok .NET user group: Write better javascript (slides)

We had our fourth Bangkok .NET user group last Wednesday. Things went well although my presentation could have been a bit shorter :-/ Thanks to everyone for coming!

Here are the slides:

Oct 13

Bangkok .NET User Group #3: Best tools for .NET developers 2013

Yesterday’s was the third event of the Bangkok .NET user group. We had the pleasure to have some people from Microsoft and an MVP attending.

Here are the slides from yesterday’s session about the best tools for .NET developers.

Sep 13

Next Bangkok .NET User Group session (#3): Tools of the Trade

Last session, we were 12 people for the WPF presentation. Hopefully, we will be able to grow this number even more.

Next session, I will be talking about some nifty tools I use and make my life easier. Tools like MvcMailer, NCrunch, MiniProfiler, Gyazo, etc…

This session will be interactive, everyone is welcome to share their own exotic tools 🙂

Sign up here: http://www.meetup.com/Bangkok-NET-Users-Group/events/140006322/

Aug 13

Bangkok .NET User Group #1: source code of the Knockout.js taskboard

Thanks for coming to the first session of the Bangkok .NET user group.

I have pushed the source code of the taskboard project on Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/AymericG/taskboard.

Next meetup will be the 11th of September (topic: WPF): http://www.meetup.com/Bangkok-NET-Users-Group/events/133324222/

Aug 13

ABjection.js: simple javascript library to A/B test with Google Universal Analytics

I needed a simple way to write new A/B tests on a WordPress website and I couldn’t find one that was working specifically for Google Universal Analytics so I wrote one.


Basically, it comes down to this:

A/B testing with Google Universal Analytics

The code will look for any DOM element with the class .ab-call-to-action and will either apply the default variant or the variant1 variant. The variant being applied is saved in a cookie and is set to the custom Google Universal Analytics dimension so that you can segment your traffic by that custom dimension (which I called Experiment in Google Universal Analytics).

Good luck with your testing!

Aug 13

A new .NET User Group is born. Location: Bangkok

This year, I have moved to Thailand to help Jetabroad set up a development office in Bangkok by hiring great people and setting up good development processes.

Where do you find developers in a new city where you don’t have any professional network? Well I thought I would start with connecting with the local .NET community.

Unfortunately, googling, I couldn’t find any .NET user group in Bangkok I could participate to so we have decided to start a new .NET user group 🙂

The first session will be on the 21st of August where I will be presenting the javascript library Knockout.js.

Check it out: http://www.meetup.com/Bangkok-NET-Users-Group/