Sending emails in MVC like in Ruby on Rails

Recently I found  a nuget package that allows me to use MVC Views and Layouts to define how my emails should look like, in a similar way as how mailer works in Ruby on Rails.

This article will show you how I integrated it into my online weekly planner WeekPlan.

1. Set up of the package (5 mins)

The package documentation can be found in the NuGet gallery and ongithub.

I first run the following two commands in my package manager console:

The second command generates the files I will need to customize MvcMailer behaviour and the view files for each email.

MVCMailer generated views

MVCMailer generated files

Finally, we need to set up our Web.Config:

Because I need a different configuration on production, I used the Configuration Transforms technique:

2. Setting up a new email to send (10 min)

Let’s check out how to write the method that will build the Invitation email:

Pretty straightforward. We build a standard MailMessage and call the PopulateBody method to call MVCMailer magic.

This is how my view file looks like:

The neat thing about MVCMailer is that it allows to set the HTML view and the Text view too (this is why I used the –WithText parameter when calling the scaffolder:

3. Send an email

In my controller, I need to call the Invitation method and use the extension method Send (given by MVCMailer) to send the email:

I have a base Controller class where I added the Mailer property:

If I test my code, I get a new file in my drop folder:


And if I open it in Outlook, I get the result I expected:


Et voilà!

Nice isn’t it?

(Get the full gist here)