Making changes based on data: fixing our registration process

UPDATE: I have added the results of my changes at the end of the article

I am currently working on Goalstribe a group coaching website and this month we are trying to prove we can sell groups via online marketing channels.

After bringing sufficient traffic from Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook Ads, we haven’t managed to sell one spot yet. So I started looking at our web analytics data to try to understand where in the funnel we are losing people.

Identifying the problem

The funnel goes like this:
1. User arrives on the landing page /join/loseweight
2. User clicks on the “Join tribe for $10/month” and needs to create a new account
3. After the account is created, user is asked to become a paid subscriber
4. User clicks on the “Go to Paypal” button and is redirected to Paypal
5. User is redirected back to the application as a registered user (if he pays)

First I looked at the new visitor flow function from Google Analytics:

Visitor flow from Google Analytics

I learned three things from this:

1. Our PPC campaigns are doing a good job at bringing traffic for cheap.
2. An outstanding 25% of the visitors go from step 1 to step 2! This is big because we explicitly mention the price before they click on the button, so they are highly qualified leads.
3. We lose 100% of the people who are presented with the registration screen.

The funnel visualization tells us a similar story (I added the goal visualization only later in the month, it is why we don’t have the same numbers as the visitor flow chart):

Funnel visualization

Obviously there is a BIG problem with the user sign up page and I will try to fix it.

Never has a visitor landed on the “Become a subscriber” page which tells me that the blocker is on the registration page.

Tweaking the sign up page

This is what the visitor sees after he clicks on “Join the tribe” button.

Registration page

I can see a few wrong things about this page:

1. The red message can scare people away.
2. The duplicity of the two forms (log in and register) can confuse users
3. The additional links on the top right and bottom right can divert people’s attention
4. There is no reminder of why it is good to join Goalstribe (no credibility factor, no testimonials, etc…)

The modification

New registration screen

The new registration screen doesn’t display the links anymore. The message is green instead of red, the login form has been removed and the right side is used to remind people why joining Goalstribe is a good idea.

The changes have been deployed and we will see what results we get out of it. I will update the post once I get some results.

UPDATE: This is the funnel visualization after a few weeks:


We managed to get the full funnel working. We are still losing a awful lot of people on the sign up page 🙁 which I need to improve even more.