IMPROVE, new idea management software


Link: idea management software

Every now and then I like to work on a side project just to keep my skills sharp and gain some perspective on my main project. was born out of one of these weekends and reached over 10K users so far.

IMPROVE was heavily inspired by a blog post from 37Signals where they showed an internal app they used to manage the ideas inside their company.

A year later they still haven’t made their app public so it makes me feel a bit less guilty to try to recreate the app based on their post.


Give it a try and let me know what you think! 🙂

  • Jamey Stegmaier

    Very cool. It’s awesome that you created this!

    • Aymeric

      Thanks for passing by Jamey!

      Have you given a try to Trello yet? I am still using it for task management. I really like the drag and drop feature. Makes it more real.