The Kayakist Entrepreneur


(picture from Thomas Jones)

When you are building something people want, they pull you towards your project. You receive messages, feedback, questions, complaints, etc…

When you have to push people to use your project and get feedback,  you experience much more resistance.

This is the Flow in action. It makes whatever you do smoother (at work and in life in general) or harder.

I realized recently that I need to embrace the Flow to feel great as an entrepreneur (as opposed to getting stuck with one single idea for years as some people profess)

Do the users of the website ask me questions? Do they send me suggestions? Do they raise bugs they encounter? Do they complain when your service is down? All these signs are subtle encouragements to me to keep working and improving my solution.

In absence of Flow, I must be bold and decide whether to continue to find a different solution. Sometimes it is worthwhile doing that, more often than not, it is a waste of time. Ask yourself: when does focus become stubbornness?

Entrepreneurship is like kayaking in a mountain river, when you go with the flow the journey is more enjoyable.