My talk at BarCamp Auckland

On Friday while doing some Facebook consulting, I was offered/pushed to do a presentation the next day at BarCamp 4.

I am posting the slides here for your convenience:

UPDATE: That’s pretty cool, my slides got featured on the homepage of SlideShare!

Tips from a retired Facebook app developer


Tips from a retired Facebook app developer – Presentation Transcript

  1. Tips from a retired Facebook app developer
    Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli
  2. Who am I?
    French .Net developer
    Readify consultant in Australia
    Turned into an entrepreneur thanks to Facebook
    current project: TaskArmy
  3. Why I may have a (interesting || different) point of view?
    I am French (let me explain )
    2 years
    6 languages
    15 applications
    3500 dollars a day
    1m users a day
    10m users reached
    20m page views a day
  4. Why ‘retired’?
    Volatile market
    Platform dependence
    API continuous changes
    Gaming business
    There is a thin line between entertaining people and wasting their time
  5. My mistakes
    Business ‘friend’ story
    Php story
    Underused emails
    Lost focus
    Money is a mind twister
  6. Strategy tips
    Make a game
    Listen and interact
    Target on ‘fresh’ markets
    Build a community
    Ask for their email addresses
  7. High potential apps
    RPG-type apps
    Event related apps
    Poker app in French 
  8. Game features that worked for me
    Level system
    Progress bar
    Against yourself
    Against your friends
    Against everyone weekly
    Against everyone in group
    In-app chat
    Limited amount of actions
  9. Watch out for cheaters!
    People have more time than you
    0.01% of the users can ‘pollute’ everyone else
    Smart vs lazy design
    Care for the community
    Tough challenge
  10. Launching your application
    Friends and family
    Ad networks
    Facebook ads
  11. Facebook ads
    Avoid US, UK, Canada, Australia
    Scandinavian countries are your friends
    The power of the “Likes” criteria
    Start small
    Genetic algorithm
  12. Growing your userbase
    Email marketing is king
    User wall updates
    Page updates
  13. Questions?