Facebook Consulting Australia: hire my services

Note: I tailored this message around ‘Facebook Consulting Australia’ to help people find me in Google.

Facebook Consulting AustraliaI noticed a trend this year. More and more businesses are jumping on the Facebook marketing wagon. Although last year Facebook marketing was already hot in the news, ‘mainstream’ businesses are now asking for some Facebook consulting.

Just this month, I was contacted by two clients to help them design and implement their Facebook custom applications (I had the nice opportunity to be sent to New Zealand) so I thought I would make this more official with this article. I am available for Facebook consulting and would love to help you.

My past experience with Facebook

For two years, I was co-running a business that was developing in-house applications and games for Facebook.

During these two years, we reached 10 millions users (French users mainly, I am French based in Sydney Australia by the way), we peaked at 1 million users a day and our applications were translated in six different languages. (while working fulltime for another employer)

I used a wide range of monetization solutions and a wide range of application types (role-playing game, quizz application, serious game, utility application, etc…). You can see the different applications I have developed in the Creations page.

Why you might need some help

Too often I see businesses throwing money on custom Facebook applications development or Facebook pages thinking that just because it is on Facebook, it will go ‘viral’.

Unfortunately getting traction on Facebook is not that easy and it is actually becoming harder and harder as the Facebook market becomes more competitive.

I can’t promise you that thanks to my services your application or page will get 100K fans/friends/likes in one week but I believe that I will be able to give you advices that will dramatically increase your chances of success.

The Facebook world is a different world than the Twitter world, the mobile market and the internet in general. Different rules apply and I learned about many of them one application at a time.

How can I help you?

I can help you define the best overall strategy on Facebook. Should you develop a custom application? Should you promote a Facebook page instead? Should you leverage the success of some existing applications?

I can design your Facebook application with you. I will sit with you and define the wireframes of the first version of your application, you know your audience probably better than I do so we will be working together to come up with a Facebook application idea that will be compelling to your target audience and that will leverage the Facebook viral channels.

I can help you outsource/manage your Facebook application development. I have been outsourcing a lot in the last three years and I believe it is a great way to cut costs without cutting quality if you have good processes in place.

I can develop your Facebook application. Finding time to work on your project as a developer may be harder as I am usually fully booked but this can still be an option.

Contact me at aymeric[at]wiselabs.net if you are interested in hiring me for some Facebook consulting. Thanks.