Switching to English

As a Frenchman living in Australia, I have two social networks speaking two languages, French and English. I always wondered whether I should write my online content in english or in french.

Although until now it made sense to keep my mother tongue because I was using my blogs as a way to keep connected with my family and my friends back in France, today I feel I should broaden my audience and try to share more than just personal information. Facebook has replaced blogs when it comes to sharing glimpses of life. Now I want to have an online presence.

This is a new double challenge for me.

First, writing in english is harder than writing in french. My personality doesn’t come across as easily and even after three years in Australia I am pretty sure I still make grammatical mistakes. Unfortunately for you the reader, I am not aware of them so I can’t correct myself unless someone is kind enough to correct me.

Second, I need to learn to share. I am not the kind of person that naturally shares whatever goes through his mind on a website, I still struggle understanding why Twitter is such a success.

My problem is not that I have nothing to share, I simply don’t have the habit to click “Share” on whatever article I find interesting or the habit to leave a comment when I could add some value to a discussion.

But I know my online presence can and will help creating new opportunities for me and my future businesses.

So here I am english speaking readers, I hope you will find some value in my writings!